Besides the basic appliances and utensils that we already have in our kitchens,  here is a list of a few other kitchen essentials.  Items and products you’ll use on a daily basis…

Olive Wood Salt Keeper

  • When cooking, I have completely ditched normal table salt.  Kosher salt is the only salt spice I use.  It has more flavor, and a better texture for cooking.  (When baking, such as desserts, I would stick to normal table salt.) 

Freshly Ground Black Pepper Mill

  • For obvious reasons.  I add fresh ground pepper to almost every single meat/chicken/pork/vegetable/starch/etc. dish that I cook.

Garlic Press

  • I am a garlic lover, and basically try to incorporate it in everything I eat.  This press works much better than mincing or chopping a garlic clove (it even presses the juices out of the garlic clove, which aid to the flavor).

Can’t Poach an Egg?  Try These.

  • These guys got me through entering my egg poaching stage.  I started to really enjoy poached eggs from my consistent Eggs Benedict ordering (um yum).  Wanting to try poaching eggs at home, and failing miserably with the ‘turning your large pot into a vortex, and dropping the egg in to create the perfectly poached egg’, I found these!

Perfect Apartment Size Hand-Mixer

  • My apartment does not fit my number one craving… the KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer… so this actually does a great job improvising.  Maybe one day, I’ll have a kitchen large enough for one of these, babes.  Meanwhile, this handmixer does the perfect job with cake batters, icing, twice-baked potatoes, etc.

Wine Aerator for Quick Access

  • When the decanter just takes too long… (I also think it makes the red wine taste better.)

Classic Knife Block w/ a Great Variety of Blades

  • Keep your eyes open for great deals.  These are what I have… I purchased my Wusthof knife block at Macy’s when they were on sale.


Cast Iron Skillet

  • This is my new favorite cooking dish.  Thru Alton Brown’s Good Eats, I have learned to cook a perfectly medium-rare steak via a cast iron skillet (in about 5 minutes total), as well as experimenting on my own with bone-in pork chops, etc.  I also find it amazing that if you season the skillet correct from the start (with extra virgin olive oil and kosher salt), and only cleaning it with a damp towel and kosher salt, it continues to add extra flavor to any piece of food cooked in this.

Digital Instant Read Thermometer

  • Necessary for any pork or meat dish you chose to cook… you’ll see from my recipes, just how much I do use this with meat/pork.
  • Can also be used in other various recipes/dishes

Fish Spatula

  • This was given to me due to the fact that I love cooking fish.  This all-clad fish spatula makes is incredibly simple to gingerly remove the fish from either a baking sheet or a skillet without ruining the presentation of the fish.

Soft Handle Fine Grater

  • Whether you are zesting a lemon or nutmeg, this gadget is great.  It certainly is easy to store, and gets the job done beautifully.  It is light in weight and easy to hold.  Not bulky at all.

Shrimp Deveining Knife

  • This works wonders when cooking raw shrimp.  The sharp hook blade snags the shrimp vein for easy removal.

Beautiful Bud Vase

Sur La Table’s New White Products!

Williams Sonoma’s Provence Collection



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