Warm Fig Chutney…

It’s Friday… and it’s chilly.   Sometimes the most perfect things on Friday evenings are deliciously simple appetizers {that you may or may not turn into dinner}, a nice big glass of wine in a spotless wine glass, and a warm fire.  Here is one of my favorite appetizer recipes, perfect for those types of… 

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My Favorite Last Minute, 2 Ingredient Appetizer

Have you ever invited people over, last minute, on a complete impulse, and have just 100% underestimated you prep time?  Well, I have done this on NUMEROUS occasions.  Occasions where I have frantically sent CBH to the grocery/local market to pick up last minute items/appetizer or dish cheats/etc. just so I can flawlessly execute our evening.  he… 

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A Home Cook’s Moment of Honesty {& my favorite salmon recipe}

Happy Friday, All, and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Let’s get a little more honest, shall we?  A little truth about how A Toast to the Good Life came to be.. Let’s face the facts: We all can’t be gourmet chefs {I am the furthest thing from that!} – spending hours in the kitchen whipping up fabulously… 

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Mini Skinny Chicken Pot Pies

I never am much of a comfort food lover until Sunday afternoon comes around, when all of a sudden, my inner appetite gets the best of me and my mind can’t focus on anything else.  Anything and everything filled with cheese, carbs and dairy and I am one happy girl.   ok, i sound sort… 

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Pumpkin Lover: Mini Pumpkin Whoopie Pies!

I’m going to preface this post… you are going to WANT to try this recipe.  Okay, It’s a must.  Sorry.  Just face it.  You’re going to HAVE to try it. Come on, let’s get a little festive…  Fall has barreled in full force.   I have officially pulled out all of my warm, cozy sweaters, winter… 

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Chicken w/ 40 Garlic Cloves & Creamy Thyme Sauce

Lately, I have been bored with the same old chicken routine.  I never was a big fan of chicken – my mom didn’t cook it much when we were kids {living on the east coast, we ate quite a lot of amazing seafood}, therefore, I never really took much of a liking towards chicken. I always… 

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Rotini w/ Chicken Sausage, Asparagus, Mushrooms & Gruyere

Sometimes the best dinners are created from the most random ingredients you find in your kitchen.   Yes, this is one of favorite challenges and {fingers crossed} usually has the most satisfying outcomes.  It really makes your creative mind work – side by side – with your taste buds – stretching to think what flavors… 

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Salmon w/ Dijon Dill Sauce

My mind has been racing.  How the heck is it already October?!  My to-do list from the summer never ceased, leading right into fall.  Here I am left standing in the dark wondering how September passed by so incredibly fast, and how we are galavanting through October.   {albeit, a little confused}  My feet hit… 

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