Build Your Own… {& an attempt at a Cleanse!}

So, I started a juice cleanse yesterday.  {….and it may or may not have ended yesterday as well.  Oops.}

Let me just start off by telling you a little story – this is my 2ndattempt at a juice cleanse.  The first one, which I discovered online, was a little terrifying that left me scared for a good 2 years.  I am someone who craves protein {go figure, huh.}.  I also am someone who looks forward to my next meal.  The idea of having a meal that I don’t really crave, and am just eating to eat, is not something I normally do.  I like to plan my meals {and calorie intake} according to what I am in the mood for, therefore thoroughly enjoying it. 

photo (5)

So, when I tried my initial juice cleanse 2 years ago {I think it was more of a detox}, I coaxed CBH into trying it with me.  I purchased all of these beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables, along with flax seed, coconut oil, almond butter, coconut milk, etc. and decided to make every drink myself.  Doesn’t sound half bad, right?  Well, the problem was… I didn’t own a juicer.  Therefore, I thought my trusty blender could do the trick.  Boy, was I wrong…. Yikes.  {Let alone, I broke the bank by spending an insane amount on groceries for week that went bad before I could use them up.}  

The breakfast drink wasn’t horrible – lots of berries, which I love – but once it came to lunch, my chunky green smoothie was impossible to choke down.  {My blender couldn’t puree the vegetables enough which left me with stringy celery and cucumber and other chunks of vegetables that didn’t really go together… ugh, thinking about that one drink, I am reminded of how awful it truly was.}  I came home that evening from work, felt so horrible, and was violently ill… #fail.  Needless to say, I sipped chicken broth for the rest of the night, and gave up. 


SO, here was my 2nd attempt!  My sister-in-law, BRW, who lives in NYC, was trying the Blue Print Cleanse out with a girlfriend of hers, and her excitement about the whole process made me want to give it another whirl.  {Even if I could just last a day it would be healthy to give my body a break from my normal food intake.} This time, I decided to join BRW’s suggestion and leave it to the professionals, Blue Print Cleanse.  They know exactly what they are doing and their drinks are user friendly!  {Not chunky like the one I had made at home, and actually have a nice flavor, again, not like the one I had made at home.}    

The trick was finding two other girlfriends here in Chicago to help me take the plunge.   Two of my favorite wine lovers, JLS and EAG offered to participate!  Which was perfect.  JLS, EAG and I picked up our supplies from Whole Foods on Monday evening – we picked the Renovation Cleanse – which contains 6 bottles and is tailored to a first time cleanser.  {The description talked about love martinis and steak, and well, that had me written all over it, so I figured it was the right one for me.  It also had the least amount of green juices… which you all now know I am terrified of.}  We had one last final meal {yes, I will confess, I made a triple decker BLT sandwich with avocado and fresh mozzarella… and yes, I enjoyed every bite} and then dove into our cleanse Tuesday morning.

 Who doesn’t LOVE a BLT?!  I do.  How do you build yours?


{a few of my favorite toppings: pesto, tomato, fresh mozzarella, avocado}

It started off much better than it had the first time, the first drink went down somewhat smoothly {the cashews gave it a little chalky flavor, but definitely something I could handle}  The 2nd followed soon after.  {Tasted like a mojito!  If only I was on a beach somewhere with a side of rum to add to it. ;) I guess that may defeat the whole point of a cleanse.}  And off we went.  Our goal was to survive one day {ha!}.  The only problem was… since I had that awful experience with green smoothies before, I had an incredibly difficult time getting down the green smoothie. 

The final three drinks were decent, but in all honesty, I am not a cleanse type of person.  I craved grilled salmon all day yesterday!  {Random craving, huh.} 

Well, we made it the one day, but I am happy it is over.   Now, on to lean proteins, fresh vegetables, and light on the carbs.  I just crave food too much, with very little self-control when it comes to these types of things.

IMG_3126_Fotor {the main ingredient!… go thick cut} 

I have to say, I am incredibly impressed with my sister-in-law!  She is a champ and from the beginning had an end goal of 3 days.  She started a day before me, which was nice, so she could prep me for what I was getting myself into. 

Overall, it was a great experience, but I will admit, I am overly excited for some crunchy vegetables and great proteins. One day is more than enough for me!

Xoxo, Jenn

IMG_3121_Fotor {I LOVE adding avocado to my BLTs.  A must try!}



 And finally… my one day juice cleanse:




{PRODUCTS: white square dinner plate, Crate & Barrel – epicurean cutting board, Sur La Table – apilco small white ramekins, Williams Sonoma – cleanse, BluePrint Cleanse}