Holiday Entertaining: Rosemary Wreath

Well, is anyone panicking just a little bit in hopes that their holiday shopping and planning will be all set come Christmas Eve/Christmas?   {me! me! me!} Just kidding.  I actually think I’m more prepared than I thought.  I’m excited to have a couple days this weekend though to get a few final things done…. 

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Holiday Menu Planning – Seared Duck w/ Pomegranate Reduction

Christmas is 10 days away… {insert STUNNED emoticon here} and only 8 days until i am home! yes, let’s not forget about this cute guy! Have you.. a. finished your shopping?   b. planned your menu yet? c. fit in a few extra gym sessions to make room for all that yummy food and wine?… 

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Parmesan & Parsley Steak Frites

Oh Hey Friday!  You’re back!  And I couldn’t be more excited to see you.   Friday nights, one of my absolutely favorite things to serve for dinner is a burger.  Homemade cheeseburgers.  A build-your-own burger bar with any and every fixing you can find in your fridge and cupboard.   what’s on your menu this… 

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Comfort Food: Mac & Cheese

 Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest things… like the perfect bowl of mac and cheese.  Who knew that pasta and cheese could be the most satisfying dish ever at times.   alright, i am a sucker for anything carb related covered in cheese. Although, I will admit – mac and cheese can… 

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Happy Thanksgiving! (& last minute menu planning ideas)

Oh Thanksgiving.  What are you thankful for most this year? As I get older, the more thankful and sentimental I have become.   {Yes, I have turned into one big sap, savoring each and every moment with family and friends.  I also have been getting more and more emotional the more time I spend at… 

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Warm Fig Chutney…

It’s Friday… and it’s chilly.   Sometimes the most perfect things on Friday evenings are deliciously simple appetizers {that you may or may not turn into dinner}, a nice big glass of wine in a spotless wine glass, and a warm fire.  Here is one of my favorite appetizer recipes, perfect for those types of… 

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My Favorite Last Minute, 2 Ingredient Appetizer

Have you ever invited people over, last minute, on a complete impulse, and have just 100% underestimated you prep time?  Well, I have done this on NUMEROUS occasions.  Occasions where I have frantically sent CBH to the grocery/local market to pick up last minute items/appetizer or dish cheats/etc. just so I can flawlessly execute our evening.  he… 

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A Home Cook’s Moment of Honesty {& my favorite salmon recipe}

Happy Friday, All, and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Let’s get a little more honest, shall we?  A little truth about how A Toast to the Good Life came to be.. Let’s face the facts: We all can’t be gourmet chefs {I am the furthest thing from that!} – spending hours in the kitchen whipping up fabulously… 

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